Thursday, June 12, 2014

On the Blog

Today is the third anniversary of this blog.  Here is the very first photo from my very first post three years ago.

I took the photo while on a special vacation trip to Bermuda in 2007.  It shows a flowerbed at the pink "Princess Hotel" (the Fairmont Southampton).

On the first anniversary of this blog, I was vacationing at St Thomas, USVI, and I was proud to have posted about my first Blogiversary while being so far from home.  (I was anxious to keep up with the blog while one of my first knit designs was just out out in a magazine.)

Here is a photo from that trip in 2012.

The photo is of a tree branch at Lindquist Beach.  I was happy that I caught just enough of the sun through the branch in my photo.  I was laying on a chair on the beach under the tree.  Loved that. 

Last year I forgot about it being my Blogiversary (or, I think that I remembered it, but I also thought that self-congratulations would be a boring topic).  I did post a Colorwork Meditation (#7, no less, my favorite number) on the day.  That post contained this photo (not by me) of Josef Albers, Homage to Square, collection.  Love it.

Photo credit:

Today, then, begins the fourth year of the blog.

I was thinking that I might briefly share some of my blogging experience.

There are spammers, and worse, "referer" spammers, who have caused me grief... but that has mostly died down.

I (once, not long ago) had a vacation post with a good number of links that I believe was being used by someone for advertising purposes.  It was getting a crazily growing number of page views each hour over several days.  It made me nervous.  I deleted it, but then I re-posted it without the links.  I was not able to preserve the comments or page view numbers, but at least what I wrote and all of the photos are there.  (Last I checked, it still had zero views.)

I do enjoy going to my blogger stats page.  I like to see all the page views that my tutorials (especially my colorwork one) get everyday and from all around the world.

Is it funny that I have no worries about readers (who I imagine to be knitters) from India or Argentina or Korea viewing my blog in good number, but I do worry about unknowns (who seemed to be "storming" the old there)?

Lastly, thanks to my new blogging friends!  You know who you are.  You blog.  I blog.  You comment.  I comment.  I love that you are there! 


  1. Yes, unwelcome visitors can sometimes be a problem and they seem to attach to a single posting (my problem post has no links), and they keep commenting - not even real words, just random letters. So I put on the comment moderation feature and they has helped greatly. I now have to approve all comments but at least I can control things a bit better.

    1. Well, I never got a comment that was just random letters. The most suspicious comments were poorly written (as in English as a second, or third, language) with a link embedded in the comment. Fortunately, Blogger software has usually caused them to go into my spam box.

      When the single post that was getting a scarey number of page views in just days appeared here as my 5th most popular post (on my side bar), I felt like someone else was getting control of what appeared on MY blog. So I removed its links, then deleted and re-posted. I also added comment approval, but for now, it is only on posts over 30 days old.

      Thanks for commenting, Elaine. I appreciate your experience and do love reading your blog. Have a good day!

  2. Congrats, Carolyn! Way to go!
    I, too, have received a few of those comments. Thankfully, they did get ditched in the spam box, but still it's not comforting...
    I hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Happy anniversary Carolyn! I too, have found blogging to be very interesting, and very international. It has made my world a smaller and happier place. Many good wishes for your blogging years to come!