Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our Rocky Mountain Trip - Part 1

Been blogging for a number of years now. Mostly about knitting. Mostly not about the personal.

One day, in mid-September 2017, Mr K and I hit the thing called our 30th wedding anniversary. To pre-celebrate, just a couple of weeks earlier, we took a trip to the great American northwest and the Rocky Mountains.

Been Insta-gramming all of this... (somewhat slowly)...

First there were the Cascade Mountains.

Mr K shot this one (with my iPhone) from the plane to Seattle.

After a tour of the city,

we took an overnight trainride to whitefish Montana... barely sleeping... passing through the almost 8 mile long Cascade Mountain Tunnel, arriving at sunrise in Whitefish Montana.

Lovely place that was...

This long distance view shows the hazy smoke from distant forest fires. We learned that forest fires are not always a bad thing (if controlled), in our national forests.

We were in a national forest and on top of the continental divide. And in the Rocky's.

If not on top of the world, it was definitely on the top of the continent.

That is Montana. 

Part 2 coming before too long.

It is very possible that new knitting will come sooner...