Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sticking with Summer

I must confess that I have been holding on to summer.

Thompson River Socks "Yarn Test" Swatch

It's never been easier.

For all of Summer 2016 the temperatures have been above normal.  It has been particularly warm and humid for this first part of September.

We vacationed in South Carolina very late in the summer -- eight days of mostly clear skies -- heavenly.  Taking a vacation in late August made me feel like we were just then in the middle of summer.  I have been holding on to that feeling.

Beach Knitting (Secret Project)

My "day job" work projects have allowed me to work out of my home for the last several months.  Though nearby schools have been in session since the week before labor day, I have yet to see a single school bus on the road anywhere.  (The closest school bus stop is a half mine from my home.) 

I have no young children and I am not on any kind of a school-year schedule these days.

I have mentioned before that I love the warmer parts of the year.  They are also the brightest parts of the year. 

For just a little longer you will find me sticking with summer. 

Truthfully, though, we are forecast to have more normal temps this next week I will be spending some time writing class descriptions for October and November knitting classes that I will teach at my LYS.  (I will share that and some of my newest knitting soon.)

 I expect that I will be seeing my first school bus one day very soon...