Friday, June 6, 2014

On the Needles

Linen.  Linen.  Linen.  I do love to knit with linen this time of the year.

An earlier detail photo of my current linen project... a project that I have become quite obsessed with finishing...

 This is where I was about a week ago...

   Project page (Ravelry):  ckknit's Die Cut Vest
            Pattern:  Die Cut Vest
        Designer:  Sara Morris
    Yarn:  Shibui Linen, four 50g skeins in "ash"

A week ago, I was in a perfect place:  The second half of my vest was started and the first half not quite done.  I had lace knitting to work on whenever I wanted (knitting lace is fun), and plain stockinette for the times when mindless knitting was better for whatever reason.

But now, with the first half completed, all that is left is about 5" of straight stockinette.  At about 10 rows to the inch (well, if I actually can take the boredom of it all) I could finish the knitting in about a week.  And I think that I might.  I would love to see this piece completed.  Blocked and finished and ready to wear.  (Do you realize that this being a knitted piece, and with an odd kind of non-shaped front neckline, I may actually find that I do not like wearing the thing at all?  I always say, you have to have a certain amount of faith when you knit.  This project requires all the faith that I can muster.  I am determined.)

So, this is me now, "On the Needles".


  1. What a chic looking vest and in linen too!
    I bet it will look great!

  2. I have never used linen. Not sure why. Must correct that situation! :-)

  3. I'm so eager to see it finished and to hear how you like it (or don't). I so understand the "faith" that is sometimes needed in knitting. The pattern seems to make no sense, but the photos you see of other finished projects tells your head that it does come out ok!