Monday, June 23, 2014

On the Blocking Board

(Most of) The knitting is now done on my linen Die Cut Vest.

This photo shows the right and left half laid out on my blocking board before I 'seamed' the center back with a three needle bind-off.

The vest now lies pinned-out and still damp on the very same blocking board.

This was an odd piece to block. There is no doubt that the lace needed to be 'pinned-out' to open it up and flatten it, but I did not want to use pins or wires on the straight edges.  Pins or wires would leave the edges looking a little jagged.

For the final-final blocking, I will iron the edges flat and smooth, and maybe even steam the lace a bit more.  As I laid it out quite wet, I had to question myself for not hiding the yarn ends on the front edges and at the center back, but I guess that it will not matter too much in the end.  It also occurred to me (right around the same time) that it really would not have been too difficult to have added a little neckline shaping at the back neck... hum, if I make another... (Did you know that, in spite of how I pinned the shoulders in a way to create some curvature at the neck, there is zero neckline shaping on the front or the back of this vest?  I like to think that I will love it anyway, but... hum...)

After the piece dries, I can seam the shoulders.  Then comes the last bit of knitting... I will pick-up stitches around the armholes and work a couple of rows before binding-off.  After that I will hide the yarn ends wherever they may be.

  I will steam it as needed,
and I will try it on,    
and I will find out if I like it.   

So, this is me now, "On the Blocking Board".


  1. The lace is beautiful, very interesting vest, I am anxious to see it modeled !

  2. I think it will be lovely! It has been so long since I have seamed anything - I think the prospect would make me nervous! Eager to see it complete!