Thursday, February 26, 2015

It Works Both Ways

Just a quick post to let you know that I am still here.

(Recently,) I resumed work on my Rosebud Hat project right after I finished some knit samples that will one day appear in a book.

This day began as most days do... knitting with my first cup of coffee for as long as I was able.  I knitted the hem in the hat this morning.

After showering, I put on my workday jeans and a long-sleeved steely blue colored tee shirt.  I then carried my selected sweater for the day, my comfy gray (not hand knitted) cashmere cardigan, out to the living room and placed it down next to my knitting while I put on my shoes.

With these items nearby, I had a most pleasant thought... one that is all about my memory and my history and is probably a Colorwork Meditation in itself...

I have long remembered... and I have been know to speak of this memory...  from one day during my very first art course at college...

The professor asked us to select one pastel of any color from our box of pastels.  He then asked everyone to raise their hand who selected a pastel matching the color that they were wearing.  We were all surprised that at least two thirds of the class had raised their hands.  (Including me in green.)

Today I decided it works both ways, when after knitting for an hour in blue and gray, I selected those colors to wear.  (And even though it is a fact that I wear a lot of blue and gray, I had considered a brown sweater before I carried the gray one out to my living room.)

And anyway, you do know that it made me happy to think about it working both ways, right?  Color can make me happy.