Saturday, October 27, 2018

Officially Launched: Swatch Warriors

This has been a busy fall... During the weeks that my Trinity Mountain Hat and Daphnis scarf designs were released I have spent time promoting them... I have also been working on two more designs that will definitely be released in 2018... A couple more are in the works and may be released shortly thereafter... These are also the weeks of the year when publishers everywhere are seeking design submissions for next fall........

I am interrupting all of that to announce the official launch of a brand new pattern website!!!

The site is the brainchild of Yurika Kotze of South Africa -- a crochet designer who has a dayjob building ECommerce sites. This summer, after months of work, Yurika put out a call to designers on Ravelry to gauge interest in her yet to be launched curated pattern site. Enough designers, including myself, came on-board for the launch.

Swatch Warriors is a deeply curated collection, quite different from Ravelry, whose primary goal is to be an all-inclusive fiber-arts database. Swatch Warriors sets itself apart with Yurika's curation. She has used her designer's eye and aesthetic to sift out what are the most beautiful, fresh and forward-thinking patterns that designers have to offer. The website is lovely and easily navigated, first by tool (needles or hook), and then by category. There are new patterns being added every week, and a fun featured 'Pattern of the Week'. I hope to contribute more designs to the site in the future.

Please check it out. I think you will be glad that you did!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

DAPHNIS -- Scarves etc 7 is here!

I am happy to announce the release of my scarf design, DAPHNIS.

Daphnis is just one of 10 beautiful knitwear designs for hand-knitters included in Quince and co's annual neckwear collection, Scarves etc, 7.

The cables of Daphnis are very round and flowing. Its generous size makes it a statement piece.
The cable crossings are unique in that three groups of stitches are crossed using two cable needles. (I found using two bamboo double-pointed needles worked even better for me than using cable needles.)

The cable crossings are all the same and there are over 100 of them.
I loved using Osprey for Daphnis. It is a lofty, soft, plump and round wool yarn that has tremendous stitch definition -- perfect for the triple-cross Daphnis knitted cables. The Aran weight Osprey worked up beautifully to make a substantially-sized piece that is light and lofty. The Nightshade colorway is a favorite of mine, but there are dozens more to choose from.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, October 8, 2018

Coming Soon: Scarves Etc 7

The first one was Scarves etc 2012. I was very lucky that year, as a new knitwear designer, to have my cowl, Jonna selected for Quince & co's first annual collection of scarves, cowls, wraps and shawls.

  Jonna, Carolyn Kern 
 Scarves, etc 2012, © Quince & Co.

Every year since 2012, the yarn company has put together a Scarves etc neckware collection, having published a total of 76 designs in six years. A handful of times over the years, I have submitted design proposals when I have seen their calls for submissions. My ideas were not selected until the call late last year...

A new design of mine will be one of 10 in the new Scarves, etc 7 to be released on Thursday, October 11! It is so rewarding to have finally got back in again!

Quince is so amazing to work with. One of my favorite people at Quince is Jerusha, who just posted about Scarves, etc through the years.

As before the release of Jonna, I have not yet seen any of the Quince photography for my new design with the sample that I made this spring. I can hardly wait to see them, and the other 9 designs in the Scarves etc 7 lookbook on Thursday!

You can go to the post by Jerusha, and click through the link at the bottom to sign up for Quince email announcements... or follow me here, or on Ravelry, but especially on Instagram.

I will close with a teaser photo and a a secret that I learned along the way about #7...

There will be a good number of cables.