Friday, June 22, 2012


jux-ta-pose verb to place close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

My vacation week was a juxtaposition-ing for me.

There I was during the first week of June with two magazines on a sales rack having my first two published patterns in them.  I purchased several copies of each.  I was working on a new design submission, and I was blogging about my knitting patterns.  My family, close friends and knitting acquaintances were all congratulating me.  I was really pleased with what I had accomplished.  It was all good.

Then, during the second week of June, there I was on a tropical island where nobody (I know of) knits.  We have been visiting St Thomas for many years now, and we even have friends who live there, but no one was interested in my knitting.  It was in the upper 80's each day and humid.  When we went boating, even I must admit, I could not bring knitting on board.  But I did knit in the morning and at bedtime.  I did a bit of knitting at beach and poolside.  (It was, after all, World Wide Knit In Public Day/Week.)  I found that the more that I knit, the more I felt like myself.  It really was necessary, if you know what I mean.

Also, I asked ahead about WiFi, and I brought my faithful laptop in order to keep up with my blogging, and to reply to comments here and at Ravelry.  The internet was spotty at times.  But I did manged to publish my previously written "Now, How did that happen?" post on that first weekend, as planned.  I actually wrote my "First Blogiversary!" post, and my "Midweek Meditation" post (with a photo at Lindquist Beach, which was where I KIP'ed, or Knitted-In-Public).  And, it was while I was on vacation, that I saw that link to "Now, How did that happen?" made by Amy Palmer on the Interweave blog, knitttingdaily.  Like, wow, that would not have happened if I did not bring my laptop!  I was then able to quickly post "Thanks, Amy!".  It was all good.

In conclusion, I am so grateful that I brought my laptop on vacation.  I am grateful that I had WiFi.  It felt strange that no one I was with knew, or cared to know, about my knit designs.  But, vacationing was, in itself, a blast... Did I spend long days boating and on beaches and visiting all of these tropical non-knitting friends?  Yes!  Did I meet some new island people and hear some new island stories?  Yes!  Was it all that a vacation should be?  Yes, yes! ... and I even came back with a suntan!

I am also glad to be back here blogging and knitting and designing in my own home.  It has been a juxtaposition-ing, I tell ya!

It is all good!

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  1. Oh my. I will be St. Thomas also doesn't have an LYS.

    And I thought St. Thomas was a great place. :-(