Sunday, June 10, 2012

Now, How did that happen?

How did it happen that my second pattern in a print magazine actually preceded my first pattern in a print magazine?

Good question!  They were both for sale at a Barnes & Noble near me last Sunday.  Maybe I will never really be able to say which was first!

The timeline goes like this...

August 2011  The first Equilibrium was created as a project to teach a stranded colorwork class.  (It did not yet have the name "Equilibrium".)

September 2011  I saw the "Call for Submissions" for Knitscene Accessories and I thought that my cowl might fit in there somewhere.

09-20-11  I sent my Eqilibrium Cowl Submission to Interweave Knits in Loveland, Colorado to be considered for publication in Knitscene Accessories 2012.

10-21-11  Lisa Shroyer, Knitscene editor, sent me an email which began, "I've been reviewing submissions for this issue and I'd love to take your two sided cowl. Would you be able to work this up for a Dec 16 due date?"  Sure thing!

11-13-11  After I saw the Quince & Co. blog post "Scarf Call", I quickly created two similar cowls, one in sport weight yarn, and one in fingering weight yarn.  I made two large swatches and a sketch.

11-23-11  I sent my cowl submissions to Quince & Co. in Portland, Maine.

Late November to Early December  I completed the Equilibrium Cowl from the Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca and sent it in to Knitscene.  I edited the pattern to the Interweave Knits template, and emailed it to the tech editors.

12-15-11  Pam Allen, knitting legend, and an owner of Quince & CO., sent me an email which began, "Thanks so much for sending in your cowl ideas. And we'd like to have you do the one from the Jonna swatch--it's very lovely.
I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. But I'm hoping you could get it done by Jan 5. Is that possible?"  Of course it was possible!  I knit through the (very happy) holidays.

01-03-12  I sent my Jonna Cowl, made with the yarn Chickadee, to Quince & Co. and emailed the pattern.

02-10-12  Scarves, Etc. was released by Quince & Co.  (The Quince styling and photography are amazing!)  My Jonna Cowl pattern was included in the collection and has been for sale at the Quince & Co website ever since.

03-20-12  Pam Allen emailed, "Mind getting in touch with me by phone? ... Mollie Makes is a UK ... magazine that would love to use your cowl pattern."  It was a great offer, and the pattern would also continue to be sold as previously on the Quince & Co website.  Pam told me that she was not sure if my pattern would be in the May or June issue of Mollie Makes.  From my own investigation, I learned that Mollie Makes arrives on newsstands in the US 1-3 weeks after its release in the UK.

04-13-12  I was told after an email inquiry, following my review of the final Equilibrium pattern, that Knitscene Accessories 2012 would be released the first week of June.

05-10-12  The Quince & Co Blog (by Pam Allen) posted that my Jonna Cowl was in Mollie Makes, Issue 14.  Surprised, I found out that it had just been released, and I wrote my own blog post about it.

05-24-12  On Ravelry, I noticed that some designers had already created pattern pages for their designs that would be appearing in Knitscene Accesories 2012.  I had to email the assistant editor, Amy Palmer (who had told me of the release date), to ask about photos for creating a pattern page.  I learned that a preview was already up (Phenomenal styling and photos!) and that I could use photos from it as long as I credited them to Knitscene.  I created my Ravelry Equilibrium Cowl pattern page and wrote a blog post about it.

05-31-12  I had just received my "contributors copy" of Knitscene Accessories 2012 in the mail and I bought another copy at my LYS, Gosh Yarn It!  I still had not found Mollie Makes Issue 14 for sale anywhere, so I ordered a couple of copies online.  (I expect that they will take some time to get here.)

06-03-12  Finally, I found Mollie Makes Issue #14 at Barnes and Noble!!!  Knitscene Accessories 2012 was there as well!!!

I would love to hear if you have an idea of which I should say was my first pattern in a print magazine.  Perhaps it was a tie?


  1. I have absolutely no idea.

    I just know that sometime this year (hopefully) I will be traveling up to visit my cousin, Linda, and when I do, you are on my list of "to dos" ... Meet the blogger and designer - Carolyn!!!

    When you become a big name, I want to say that "I knew you when ....".

    1. Thanks, Elaine! I look forward to meeting you as well...I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. It is so exciting to see how well your career as a designer is going! I love hearing about it!

  3. Thanks, Linda! I don't how far I will get in my "career as designer". But I certainly have enjoyed my recent success, and I plan to continue to design, and blog about it, wherever it goes from here...