Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Up-Date on My Top-Downs

I was thinking this would be a good time to give an update on "My Top-Down Immersion".  I was surprised when I checked back on that post to see how long ago I wrote it -- July 22.

My New Neckdown Pullover by Diane Soucy has been finished for some time now.  I finished it in August and took it to Gosh Yarn It!, where I will be teaching classes on it beginning October 1.  Ann, the shop manager, promptly put it on Maude, the mannequin, who has been wearing it ever since.  I had started a project page for this sweater on Ravelry and forgot all about adding a finished photo until last week.  So when I was last at the shop, I took this photo.

Maude wearing my "New Neckdown Pullover"
Class sign ups have been good; the class minimum has been met.  This means that I will be making one more of these sweaters as I teach the class.

My Cerisara by Bonne Marie Burns is about half done.  I have also updated its project page with a new photo this week.

My "Cerisara in Fir" (color is not accurate)
I am still not convinced that top-down seamless sweaters are better than bottom-up and seamed ones.  All of these inches in reverse stockinette over 200+ stitches are rather boring.  It is hard to remember the cleverness of the vertically knit back neckbands, which were knit quite a while ago.  And at the 50% finished point, as in all top-down seamless sweaters, the project becomes quite a lapful. 

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  1. I've admired the neck down pullover in the shop - it is lovely but I am dying to see the Cerisara finished. That yarn is so soft and I love the stitch - what a great pattern and of course you are doing your usual fantastic knitting job!