Saturday, September 24, 2011

On the Needles -- A Tale of Two Sweaters

I have been wondering this it possible, just maybe...I have too many projects "on the needles"?  What makes it a bit worse, is that none are close to being finished.  So many of my projects are just at the halfway point, including these two sweaters.

I have spent many enjoyable hours this week working on a sweater that I named "Timeless".  The pattern is Grace Melville's Agatha.  I am using Schulana Kid Seta (70% mohair, 30% silk) in dark teal.  It is lace weight yarn, and knit at a fine gauge.  I very much love both the design and yarn.  Notice the sheerness of the back against the white background.  It is sheer and lofty at the same time.
I have knit further than the photo.  The front is now done, and I have even started the first sleeve. I will put it aside soon so that I can get back to my currently sleeveless Cerisara.


I named my Cerisara "Evergreen"I am making it in Handwerks So-Soft DK    (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon). I had been working on it rather steadily, until I finished the body as shown.  I then decided to hand-wash it, so I could make certain that I would like the fit and the length.  (Superwash wool does often grow when washed.)  It took a couple days to dry, which is why I picked up "Timeless".

I always have to have a few (or more) projects going so that I can switch off for various reasons.  The air drying of "Evergreen" was a bit unusual.  A more common reason is the need for an easier project to be able to switch to when I am knitting in a place, or at a time, that I cannot work on something more demanding.  Another is that when I go to a sit 'n knit at a yarn shop, I typically like to work on a project with yarn that was purchased at the shop.

I like to work on a project until I feel a sense of accomplishment with it, and then move on to the next project to make similar progress.  I enjoy all the small milestones.  I rarely get bored.  I do knit a lot.



  1. I bought the pattern Evergreen :-) and it is one of the sweaters I plan to do someday. Beautiful.

  2. Both are wonderful but Evergreen is my favorite - I just love the pattern and the yarn!