Monday, May 5, 2014

Bigger Stuff (the 2nd) -- In Which I Install Many Snaps

For as long as I have been blogging, it seems that every April-into-early-May finds me writing about FO's...

It is my own kind of spring cleaning.  While the house (and my yard) could both use a whole  lot more of my time -- each spring has me finishing up (or sometimes packing away for hibernation) my wintery knitting so that I can begin (or get back to) some springtime knit-work.

 Project Name:  Bernadette
Pattern:  Lauriel from Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague
Yarn:  Trendsetter Yarns Merino VI

I feel that I have already said a whole lot about this project over the 368 days that it took to make.  See my project page for "Bernadette" over on Ravelry to read about all of that.  And then, if you like, a bit more, from the blog approximately one year ago.

The pattern called for snaps and buttons, though it did not specify spacing or sizes.  I chose to place a button and snap set between each rib, which is much closer than what it pictured in the book.  I did not want any pulling or gaps with the rather close fit of the cardigan.  My button choice is a smallish 5/8" diameter button with size 2 snaps.  There  are no gaps.  The effect reminds me of "snap tape", and I like that.

It took (what seemed like) a great many hours to sew on all (15) buttons and snap sets.  I finished this just before Easter.  I wanted to wear it for the holiday, but it was actually too warm of a day here.  I have worn it twice since then, yet I do not have a photo of me wearing it.

Happy knitting (and finishing) to you!  (Happy spring cleaning, as well!)


  1. Such a great idea to finished up any UFOs and migrate into spring carefree. I'm taking notes. :) I love the colour and the sweater is beautiful!

  2. Very pretty cardigan, too bad it gave your fits here and there and I love how you arrived at "her" name. Wear it with pride, it's beautiful.

  3. Just lovely, and I love the snaps and buttons together.