Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

This was my mother's high school graduation photo.  I do miss my mother.

(I really and truly would like to say more, but I do not have much time. I need to start getting ready for a quick trip to Philadelphia.  I will see both of my children there later today.)

I do miss my mother.  I was trying to think of a quote to share, something I remember her saying to me.  She taught me so very much.  Which is why I am just a little disappointed in myself.  At the moment, the only quote I can come up with is, "Everyone who has curly hair wishes that they had straight hair, and everyone who has straight hair wishes that they had curls."

You have to think on it, but there is much wisdom in that.  

(Like me, my mother had straight hair, but over her lifetime she had many a permanent wave.)

I think that my mother must be a part of me, and therefore is always with me (but I still miss her).  I wish you, and all of your own mothers, living on earth, or only in your heart, a very memory-filled and happy Mother's Day!

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  1. We always long for what we do not have - your mom was a wise woman!