Monday, September 17, 2012

Helene Update: Piggyback Blocking

Do you remember the linen pullover I was working on since early May?  The pattern is "Helene" by Veronik Avery and the yarn is "Sparrow", 100% linen by Quince & Co.

Both front and back are knit.  Here is the first piece being blocked last week.

First Piece Blocked September 6

This week I blocked the second piece in what I am (in my head) calling  the "piggyback" method.  ("In my head" because who in this house in this universe would I talk to about my blocking?  But now I am talking to you.)  This is a photo of my piggyback blocking.

Second Piece on Top of First Piece September 12

(Can you see the subtle differences in the photos?  That there are two layers and less blocking board showing through in the second one?)

When pinning out the first piece of this all-lace garment, I needed to have a tape measure and the schematic to make sure the dimensions were fairly close to what they needed to be for my size.  Extra time is needed to measure-adjust-and-measure again.  After it dried, it was quite a snap to simply lay out piece number two on top of piece number one, then remove and replace each pin through both pieces.  Wa-La: piggyback blocking.

Removing Pins September 17

Maybe this could help you someday if you ever need to block two all-lace identically sized pieces...  maybe...

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