Friday, September 28, 2012

Late September

I am not one to go all happy about fall and its (short term) beauty.  While I do enjoy the first part of fall, somewhere in the middle of it, there is that unmistakable feeling that we are loosing all of our daylight as well as all of our leaves and flowers.

Quite honestly, the foliage gets very gorgeous here in Pennsylvania right around my father's birthday (October 9).  For at least a couple days around then, there will surely be blue skies.  And in this part of the country, the blues skies of fall are so very crisp and fresh and clean.  I do enjoy all that brightness.

Early this week, as I was walking my dog, I thought that the beginning little splashes of yellow leaves against the evergreens and blue skies looked lovely.  After I returned to my home, I grabbed my camera and went back out to catch that loveliness.

In just minutes, some thin high clouds had moved in, and the image I wanted was lost.  Just not quite the same.

It rained here last night.  As I walked with my dog this morning the sky was mostly white.  It had been rather foggy earlier.  But even against the white sky the raindrops on the leaves were sparkling.  Once again, I went back out with my camera.  This is my best shot, but not quite what I wanted.

Weak sun was streaming through the windows late in the afternoon.  I decided to take some photos of my current WIP's.  "Helene" is in the finishing stages.  I have a lot of seaming.  (Using three needle bind-off to join the top sleeve edges did not work for me.  So now I am seaming them.)

 My "New Shell" is coming along.  The bottom edge is sturdy (I cast-on with a smooth black yarn.) and the texture feels just right.  I am glad that it will not have side seams.

I have begun my husband's annual Christmas-unless-they-are-done-in-time-for-your-November-birthday-socks.  He does love his hand-knit socks.

That is my own "Fingering Weight TATU Sock Pattern" on my iPad.  (How cool is that?)  I do love my iPad.  (Which was my Christmas present last year.)

As I cope with the wistfulness that I feel this time of year, I am focusing on a change...

In between all of my current WIP's, I have also been doing a lot of swatching and planning...

Now I am ready.  In October, I will be working on a new design...

This will be big for me...


  1. Nice Blog Post, I do love Fall, and Winter and with the cold weather comes a lot of night time knitting, quilting, movie watching that I just can't get myself to do when it is still light outside. So enjoy the winter and all the good things it lets us do !
    Spring is coming !

    1. Perhaps my problem is that I do let myself enjoy indoor activities even when it is nice outside. I always like to see the sun shining whether I am in or out. I do get your point though. Enjoy this Fall and Winter and all the good things it lets us do!

  2. I am one of the happy fall people. I am enjoying the crisp mornings, snuggling in my covers in bed and the beginning of the year feeling I always have this time of year. Part of it is the change too - I just like change! Beautiful projects!

    1. I believe I have lost that idea of Fall being the start of a new year (so many years since I have been in school or had young children in school). Spring is when the flowers come back, and that always feels like a new year to me. I remember my grandmother saying that we need all four seasons... and I get what you say about change... Thanks!