Monday, September 24, 2012

Veronik Update: Beauty School

Really?  I was totally surprised when I first read that Veronik Avery is now enrolled in beauty school.

I have mentioned that Veronik Avery is one of my favorite designers.  And now that I am on my own uphill path to becoming a designer, I found it hard to believe that she decided to shut down her yarn business and learn to be a hairdresser.  But she is happy.  Check out that first link.  My own hairdresser is a very creative woman who home decorates on the side.  I, myself, even have this whole other gig that I call my day job.  (Not very interesting, but creative in an extremely technical sort of way).  And I will be working at it for the foreseeable future because it does pay some bills.

The best news, though, is that Veronik is still designing.  She has a sweater design in this book which was released only about a month ago.

I wasn't going to buy this book, but I did.
Ann Budd
(I am forecasting my own Top-Down Immersion, #2 for early 2013.) 

Veronik also has at least one design in this book which was just released for sale earlier this week.

  I do expect to buy this book the next time I get to Gosh Yarn It!
Carol J Sulcoski
(Who doesn't love knitting with sock yarn?)

Back to Veronik, at the end of her blog post where she lets us know about her new career, she very quietly announces that she also has joined "the house knitwear design team" for the one and only Brooklyn Tweed.  This week BT released their Fall 2012 collection and it is beautiful!  The LookBook may be found here.  (LookBooks generally do not appear on iPads.  Use this link to view photos of all eighteen designs on one page.)  Veronik designed four pieces in the collection.  There seems to be no doubt that we can all look forward to Veronik Avery designs now and in the future.

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