Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sweaters I Do Like

I am feeling a little bit guilty that I do not like my swirl sweater jackets very much.  I hope that if any of my students read my recent post that they will not be disappointed in me.

Today I was thinking that I would share a couple photos of sweaters that I do like very much.  These were all finished before I started my blog, but still within the last year or two.

Last night I wore this to Stitch-and-Spin, and I felt great in it.  It was also a 'class sweater' for a class that I taught in early 2011.

Pattern: Cia by Cia Abbott Bullemer
Yarn: Louet KidLin Lace Weight
  5 skeins (1250 yd) Spanish Blue

The next sweater is a cotton cardigan.  I think that a cotton cardigan is one of the most wearable and comfortable garments that can be.

Pattern: Serape Jacket by Mags Kandis
Yarn: Gedifra Frisetto (100% cotton)
  12 skeins, multiple colors

And next, the sweater that I made from a pattern written especially to recreate a real sweater that was knit decades earlier by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  You might enjoy reading the designer's story, "Channeling Elizabeth: Recreating a Family Heirloom".

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Green Sweater by Sunday Holm
Yarn: Briggs & Little Sport
  3 skeins (1290 yd) Fir Green

Yes, these are some great sweaters.  I do like them all.


  1. I love Cia. I don't think I have ever seen that design before. Beautiful.

  2. I love them all and they all look great on you!

  3. I love these three, and I think you are correct about sweaters. I loved the Swirl and really, really almost took your class and I thought, since I am not thin, I didn't think it was a good sweater for me. I can't wear ruffles (the bust is too full) ahem, and I can't wear pleats under the bust, then the waist is really full. Slim line cardigans are best, no cables unless they aren't chunky. I wonder if ladies realize what they really look like sometimes ? I DO think the Swirl looks good on you in your photos though. Or you can gift them to a tall, thin lady !