Friday, April 6, 2012

More Going On

More blocking that is, or, that has been, of late.  There was this...

Blocking the second "Traveling" sock.

Then, there was that...

Is there any other way to block a "Spectra"?

And then, there was also this other...

More on this "Shell in Ripple" (a WIP) to follow.

I do think that an FO post is on the horizon...


  1. I have never blocked my socks. Do you do that every time or just the first time? Seems like it would need to be done each washing if you wanted them to look the same.

    1. I block most socks, just once, when I finish knitting them. And, quite honestly, I only started blocking them after I started posting pictures of my knitting on Ravelry. Unblocked socks do not photograph well unless someone is wearing them :-)