Monday, April 16, 2012

Me Being Perfectly Honest

I have made two swirl jackets from the book Knit Swirl! by Sandra McIver.  I honestly do not think that I will be wearing them very often.  Though I loved the styles in the book -- and I enthusiastically agreed to teach what became a fantastic class with truly inspirational students -- the class was so worth it! -- but the (two) finished jackets -- not so much.

My daughter was home a week or so ago and took 34 photos (a crazy amount, I'll admit) of me wearing my first swirl.  This is probably the best of them.

Pattern: Silhouette in the Sun by Sandra McIver
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca
7 skeins (1505 yd) color 6245, black 

My second swirl is also finished.  It really does not look like anything I would normally wear.  (I wonder what I was thinking.)  I have no pictures of me wearing it, but here is one with it on (my new mannequin) Betsy.

 Shades of Grey
Pattern: Shades of Grey by Sandra McIver
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Rustic
7.3 skeins (1431 yd) color 12, black
.7 skein (137 yd) color 01, chianti

I find that there  is too much sweater hanging in front.  When I overlap the fronts and pin with a shawl pin, the front looks better, but the sides look kind of incorrectly pulled and even rippled.  I am not sure about the back.  When viewed from behind (especially without the pin in front) the swirly drape is nice (see first photo) -- but turn sideways, and my front to back dimension is far larger than anything that seems normal.

Seriously, when I think about it -- extra sweater material in front of my stomach and in back of my backside?  How could that really be flattering?  Seriously?  (Is it just me?  Is my age showing?  Is it my shortness?)

Sorry about this.  This is me being perfectly honest.


  1. Looks good on you from the back in the first picture but for the same reasons you discuss, I chose not to knit one. Just seemed like it would emphasize areas that are way to prominent all on their own in my case!

  2. Well I have looked and looked at these sweaters but never did one. Mostly because of my time contraints and how many projects I am working on right now.

    But I suspect I won't start one now because you confirmed the silent questions that have been in my mind about this style.