Monday, April 30, 2012

My Work is Done Here

Two by Two by Two is the name of my new scarf pattern.

The release of this pattern is rather a long time in coming.  It had its beginnings shortly after I read Clara Parkes’ KNITTER’S REVIEW:  “Yarn Pairing: Filatura di Crosa Superior and Nirvana”.  Clara’s description of the yarn pairing sounded like something not to be missed.  Soon after I read the review, a brand new LYS, Gosh Yarn It!, opened up near where I live.  When I saw both of these yarns at GYI! my fate was sealed.  It was hard to pick a color and I eventually settled on black.  My thoughts were, “How nice would it be to have a beautiful soft black scarf?”  (That may not have been a wise decision.)

For the next couple of weeks I tried several different, yet fairly simple, stitch patterns for a scarf with the yarn pairing.  At first I tried many types of ribbing.  Eventually my choice was the ‘Double Basket Weave’ stitch pattern.  It has reversibility, one of my very favorite qualities in a scarf.  I added another of my must-haves for scarves:  neat and tidy borders on all four edges.  I worked on it off-and-on until finished, and then I began to really appreciate how really difficult it is to take photos of black knitted objects.

Pattern: Two by Two by Two, Carolyn Kern
Yarns: Filatura Di Crosa Golden Line Superior
  1 skein (330 yd) Black 
and Filatura Di Crosa Golden Line Nirvana
1 skein (372 yd) Ebony

I am not sure when, but, it did happen that I decided to make a second scarf from a lovely little bit of yarn that I had inherited from my late Mom.  I was with her at Stitches East (I think it was 2007) when Malabrigo Sock was a new-to-this-world yarn (currently there are +24,000 project using this yarn on Ravelry!) and we each bought one skein.  I thought it would be perfect for my second version of my Double Basket Weave scarf.  (This time, thankfully, it was in my Mom’s color choice!)

Pattern:  Two by Two by Two, Carolyn Kern
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock
  1 skein (440 yd) Indiecita
The rest is just the long and winding story of knitting a second scarf -- knowing that I liked the pattern -- and knowing that even though it is a very simple thing -- it is a pattern that I would like to share.  The photos were the hardest -- and I am still not totally satisfied.  But now is the time when I am ready to say that my work is done here.  I hope that some knitters will find and enjoy this pattern.


  1. Congratulations on your new pattern!

  2. They are both beautiful and i love the pictures.

  3. Both beautiful and special. Nice pattern.