Monday, February 13, 2012

Look, look, a lookbook!

Please take another look at my Jonna Cowl.  I took this photo of my cowl before I sent it up to Quince & Co in Portland, ME.

I had one Raveler message me that she wondered if there was a place to see the Jonna stitch pattern spread out.  I directed her to my Ravelry project page, which includes this photo, and she replied that it was exactly what she wanted to see.

The eggplant colored swatch was the original one that I sent to Quince for the "Scarf Call."  They sent it back to me with the lovely 'Bird's Egg' blue Chickadee yarn.

After reading the comments to my last post (thanks!), I did move this next photo to the top of my Ravelry pattern page.  It does make a lot of sense, since this is also the photo that Quince & Co selected as their main image for Jonna on their website!

© Quince & Co

I found, and am in love with, the lookbook for the Quince & Co Scarf, etc. collection.  You can open it and page through all twelve of the designs.  There are alternate images for all of them.  And did I mention it is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ! ?  Note (1): I have an ipad and the lookbook does not always come up as well on the ipad as it does on my laptop.  (It might just be me, but I am not really sure.)  Note (2): Jonna is the last design in the book, so please be patient.  You will enjoy looking at the others, too, I guarantee it!

Look, look, take a look...


  1. Great shot of the pattern. Perfect on Ravelry.

  2. I love your pattern Carolyn - It is on my ever lengthening list!