Monday, February 27, 2012

Swirl, On!

Just about a month ago I wrote a post about knitting "In the Black".  I am making two sweater jackets from the book Knit Swirl!  One is black and the other is dark gray -- not the easiest to photograph.

I am teaching some classes at Gosh Yarn It! on knitting a swirl.  This past Saturday was the second of four classes.

I brought my Shades of Grey which I knit to the point that I suggested that the class be at for class number two.  ("Outer Circle/Oval" finished for centered swirls.  "Outer Circle/Oval" and "Inner Collar Edge" finished for off-center styles.)

I also brought my Silhouette in the Sun which I just finished (all of the) knitting on Wednesday.  This piece has not yet been blocked or seamed, but, was a perfect illustration, on and off the mannequin, to talk about the second chart, for every pattern, and to see its shape.

Another view on the mannequin that I took after class.  I think that this will be a great sweater jacket, and I think that the class went well.  My students are not afraid to "Swirl, On!"


  1. You know I have seen these swirl sweaters on Ravelry and in a book and find them interesting. I am sure one of them will be in my future - after I clear out some of the other stuff waiting on my list.

    So much knitting, so little time.

  2. Nice, I wish I got on the band wagon with you all, maybe next winter !

  3. I am on board with the so much knitting so little time - love seeing the progress you and the others in your class are making!