Friday, February 10, 2012

Jonna Cowl Released!

My Jonna Cowl pattern has just been released by Quince & Co. as a part of their "Quince & Co. Scarves, etc." collection!

Photos are courtesy Quince & Co.  Aren't they beautiful?

© Quince & Co

© Quince & Co

© Quince & Co

© Quince & Co

I was given these photos to use in creating my pattern page on Ravelry.  Which one would you pick to be the first photo on the pattern page?  I had a hard time deciding, and I can re-order them anytime.

Initially, I had the second photo here as my first photo.  Now I have them in the order as above.  What do you think?


  1. They are all beautiful pictures - I guess I would go with either the second or third because they are closer up and I can see the design in the cowl better. Looking back - I would choose the third, close up - the most cowl shows and there is a little mystery since the model is turned away. LOL - it is a hard decision when they are all so good! Love your pattern!

  2. Well, maybe the second after all?

  3. I am interested in the cowl, not the model. I assume the first picture is the one that will show when someone does a search for cowls. It is the picture that draws the knitter into looking further. I would pick the third one to be first for two reasons. The third one features the cowl the best and it caught my eye the longest. And the model is not facing me which is different.

    If these these pictures were featured on Ravelry and I was scrolling through all the cowl designs ... I might causally slip past the distant shot photos, but I would most definitely stop at the the third one.

    My second choice would be picture number 2 - because it shows the beautiful drape. But I can't really see the pattern all that well.

    Beautiful, beautiful design. When will the collection of scarves be released. Or has it.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Retired Knitter and Linda!

      The pattern may be purchased online for $5 using the link at the start of this post. Quince & Co. also picked the third photo to be the main photo for the page that they will sell the pattern from.

      I have now placed the third photo as the first one on Ravelry,as well (the link near the end of the post takes you there). That photo does show the most detail. Thanks!

  4. I would pick the third photo as well, what a great shot. All the photos are lovely, but that third one strikes interest !

    Great work, its beautiful!