Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the Needles -- Off the Needles

Currently my works-in-progress total (approximately) nine.  (I must add approximately, because there could always be some projects in hiding...if you know what I mean.)  I have posted about two sweaters and three scarves.  The four projects I will write about today are not actually "on the needles".

This summer I worked on four Fingering Weight TATU Socks to use for a photo on my first for sale pattern at Ravelry.  (Please check out my pattern.  Sales have been disappointing.  But it has been a great learning experience.)

Two of the socks, one sooner, and one later, will have a mate knit so that they may actually be worn.  The sooner one is for my husband.  His birthday is in November.  He loves handknit socks and likes them to be tall.

The later one I would like to keep.  I know Jen, who hand-dyed the yarn, Debutante Yarns Superwash Merino.  The colorway, "String Thing Shop" was named for the yarn shop where I bought it, String Thing Shop in Mountain Top, PA.

The socks are two works-in-progress that are exactly 50% completed, and "not on the needles".  Also "not on the needles" is a project that I named "Linen Top (Swatch)".  Made from a free, one-size pattern, Linen Top by Cat Coyle in Louet Euroflax Sport.

It was difficult to predict how large the piece would be after blocking.  I purposely chose not to knit and block a swatch.  My plan was that if it needed length, I would crochet some borders.  (I got a neat little new book, Around the Corner Crochet Borders, by Edie Eckman.)  I did crochet some borders with a hook the same diameter as the knitting was too loose and quite unattractive.  I ripped it all off, and will try again with more stitches and a hook 2 or 3 sizes smaller.  This will wait, because it is a summer top, and, sadly, summer has ended.

And, yet another summer top, may never be finished.  With much enthusiasm, early in the spring, I started a Simple and Sleeveless shell by Sally Melville with some really cool yarn, Tahki Yarns Ripple.  It is "not on the needles" because I needed the needles for my Cerisara.  I put the nearly done back on a piece of waste yarn.

I took it out of the bag for this photo.  I love the unique texture, but I do think it is a bit narrow (my gauge is a little off, even though I did swatch).  I am wondering if I really will finish it, or if I might do better to start all new next spring...

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