Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is clearly one of those times when it shows that I am new to blogging.  

This Sunday I went on a bus trip to Rhinebeck.  "Rhinebeck" is what everyone calls the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival, which occurs annually over one October weekend, at the Duchess County Fairground in Rhinebeck, NY.

It was a great day!  I looked at a lot of yarn, and I talked to a lot of people.  I took some photos of sheep.

And some of alpaca and llamas.

I am sitting here now thinking about some things that I should have done.

I should have taken pictures of some of the yarn.  All the amazing colorful displays.  All of the beautiful and varied textures.

I should have taken some pictures of the festival grounds, and the walkways, with so many thousands of people, many wearing beautiful knitwear.  I could even have taken a picture of the gumbo I ate for my lunch.  And maybe some of the lovely fall foliage.

I did stop by the Knitcircus trunk show in barn #37.  I introduced myself there, had my picture taken, and I met Amy Detjen who I know from the Knitcircus Podcasts that she does with Jaala Spiro.  (These are a lot of fun.  Have a listen when you have time.)  I probably should have taken some pictures there as well. 

I will do better next time.  This was not my first fiber festival, but it was the first one I could blog about. 


  1. You did a lot better than I did! I didn't even take my camera. It was a wonderful day, beautiful weather, lovely stuff to look at and people to talk to!

  2. Hey, don't beat yourself up. I didn't even get there. I LOVED your pictures. I thought all weekend about how lovely the weather was, how envious I was of everyone who knit, I mean REALLY ENVIOUS!

    You enjoyed the day.

  3. Shoot, I just read my previous post. My fingers don't have enough caffeine in them yet. I shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard until after the first cup of coffee in the morning.

    What I meant to says was "I thought all weekend about how lovely the weather was, how envious I was of everyone who went! Went!


  4. Maybe you can come next year. I envied you when I read about your day at the Mannings. Enjoy today!