Monday, October 10, 2011

And Now There are Ten

If you recall, last week I came up with a total of nine works in progress.  You may also remember that when I began counting them, I mentioned  that most of my WIP's were about half done.  Unfortunately, this means that there will not be any FO's coming along soon (enough).

I do think that counting them is a good idea, because it reminds me that this is no time to start something new...and normally I would not...but I also teach knitting, and except for some one-session technique classes, I normally work on a project along with my students.

I am currently teaching a four-session "My First Sweater" class at Gosh Yarn It! in Kingston, PA.  In September, I showed you the class/shop sample.  I have started a new New Neckdown Pullover in my newest favorite yarn, Manos de Uruguay Wool Classica, to knit with the class.

So now there are ten!  I have made myself a promise that I will focus on finishing some of these projects as soon as I possibly can.  I truly hope that I can finish something, anything, before I teach my Fair Isle class next Saturday...I do not want there to be eleven...  


  1. For some reason I have never had more than 5 works in progress - knitting projects that is. Of course, I have had some projects sit for years, while others got completed. Hard to know what make a project more likely to be finished than others. But this month I finally frogged a sweater project that I knew I wouldn't finish. I got tired of looking at it unfinished but I could get enthused enough to pick it up.

    Right now I have 2 sweater projects started. There will probably be another in the next month or two. But I will halt the start ups so that I can have a finished project fairly soon.

  2. I don't usually have too many knitting projects going one at once (wow 10!) but if I add up all my knitting/spinning/weaving project - hmmm, that number is up there!