Monday, May 6, 2013

The Scrunched and The Scrunchable

I am writing to introduce two of my current WIP's.  I have nicknamed them the scrunched and the scrunchable.

scrunch - verb
1. To crush or crunch.
2. To crumple or squeeze; hunch.

scrunched - past tense of scrunch

The scrunched is my latest top down sweater project made with Ysolda Teague's pattern "Lauriel" from her book LITTLE RED IN THE CITY.

To keep it simple, my Ravelry name for this project will be "Lauriel". 

As an aside (that is not really an aside), I am still not convinced that top-down seamless sweaters are best.  I did buy a 32" long circular needle to replace the 24" long one in the photo, but everything (knit at the correct gauge with a yarn that has a 'springiness' to it) is still unpleasantly scrunched and tight.

My own thoughts are that an hour's worth of seaming can be well worth it, if it makes all of the knitting straightforward and pleasurable.  Am I alone on this?

scrunchable - capable of or suitable for scrunch(ing)

The scrunchable really is that -- a scrunchable scarf made with yarn containing stainless steel.  The yarn is from Habu Textiles, the pattern, "Hakusa Scarf"  designed by Kristin Johnstone. 

To keep it simple, my Ravelry name for this project will be "Hakusa".



  1. I really look forward to hearing (and seeing of course) how Lauriel works out. I have the book and loved the look of that pattern. Since I dislike circular needles I use straights or double points whenever possible. Top down means a cable so that is the negative to me. LOL - that being said, I have only knitted 2 sweaters, one top down and one side to side!

  2. I absolutely love circular needles and use them every chance I get. I love having them connected to each other so I don't lose one and I like that they aren't "in the way" so to speak.

    I also love seams so I do my flat knitting on circulars. I believe that seams add to the structure of the garment and knitted items with seams seem to flatter me more.