Sunday, May 19, 2013

In Keeping...

...with flags, here is something that my Aunt F gave to me yesterday.

She did the machine embroidery with her Brother sewing machine.  The machine has at least a couple dozen designs in its memory.  Last month my Aunt F, who does not live far from me, called and asked me to stop by to help her download several holiday designs that she purchased online.  I was glad that I could help.  She is also my godmother.  She has lung cancer, and is doing well for now, but like she says, "I still have cancer." 

This is the towel she gave to me just a week after I had helped her.  It was shortly before Easter.

I will treasure these towels for the rest of my lifeI have been thinking about my Aunt F...

Though I have long felt that I was most inspired to live-to-create by my parents and my paternal grandmother (who sadly are no longer with me) my Aunt F (who is my father's sister) has also lived a life in keeping...

Like me, she "just likes to make things".  Her illness may have slowed her down, but she keeps on...  I so love that.


  1. I so love that as well. There isn't enough value placed on hand made items any more.

    The towels are wonderful!!

  2. What lovely gifts! Having family to share the love of "just making things" is so special!