Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Taiga #1 and Taiga #2

As I mentioned in my February post, My Current Pallete, I taught a three session class on colorwork and steeking at Gosh Yarn It! in April and early May.  The class project was a modified Taiga Cowichan vest/cardigan, by Svetlana Volkova.  I named the class sample Taiga #1.
Taiga #1
I am a lover of all Fair Isle knitting, and have taught several beginner and intermediate Fair Isle Classes.  It was suggested that I create a more advanced Fair Isle class for Gosh Yarn It! that would include steeking.

When I saw some Taiga project pages on Ravelry mentioning the use of a steek just for the colorwork rows, I realized this might be the right project for the class. 

I was also attracted to using this pattern because it requires bulky weight yarn, making it a quicker knit for a multi-session type class. Most students would be able to keep up and be ready for each session. 

As I knit the sample, I took notes on my modifications.  I typed up all of my notes and added photos in order to make a couple of multi-page handouts for my students.

I began my Taiga #2 as I started teaching the class so that I could show the work in progress.  This Taiga is one that I will keep for myself.

Taiga #2
You can see that my Taiga #2 is not yet finished.  But it is getting much too warm here to work on a bulky weight (and, yes, long sleeved) cardigan.  I thought that before I put it away for a summer hibernation, I would write here summarizing my modifications, and include some photos.

Change in plan.

This post will be way too long by the time I mention all the mod's with photos... so stay tuned, until next time...


  1. Lovely sweaters - as always! I do like the longer sleeves on #2. LOL - It may be hot outside today but I am in air conditioning right now and cold!

  2. I love both sweaters. Sure wish I was closer so I could take a class like this. Very nice work.