Friday, January 25, 2013

VK Live! New York

Last weekend I experienced Vogue Knitting Live in New York City 2013!

I took a two session class taught by Ysolda Teague:  "Approaching Design Patterns for Multiple Sizes".  It was mostly an introduction to using Excel spread sheet software to create tables and make calculations for all the different numbers used when writing a knitting pattern in many sizes.  Ysolda shared a great deal of design advice along the way.  She was lovely to meet in person and a very good teacher.  This was an excellent class for me to take at this time!  It is hard to believe, but I first heard of using spread sheet software in this way only a couple of months ago.

I attended a lecture "Thoughts on Design Development" with Norah Gaughan, and another lecture "Circle of Color Knitting" with Védís Jónsdóttir.  Both designers showed beautiful slides of their work and gorgeous images of their inspiration.

At the Market Place one of the first photos I took was of an appealing array of what some might call non-colorful yarn.

Of course there was every color in the world all over the Market Place.

I liked the hotel (right on Times Square) very much, with the possible exception of the carpeting.  I could see no reason for that carpeting, and it could be found (with several variations) everywhere.

The elevators in the hotel were very cool.

This knitted food -- fiber art -- was very popular and could be seen in the welcoming lobby from some of the glass elevators.  It was fun to explain what it actually was to some non-knitting elevator riders who remarked about how good it looked.

I will end with a couple of photos from Times Square, but we really did not spend too much time outdoors even though it was very warm.

My BLOG GIVEAWAY (in honor of my two years in the design world) continues until February 5.  Please see this post and comment there if you would like a chance to win some yarn!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time. These yarn events are always great fun.