Monday, January 28, 2013

Minerals & Steel

While at Vogue Knitting Live I purchased minerals and stainless steel.  And then I came home and purchased more minerals.

I would say that the way that Art Yarns packages their kits for a "Shawl for All Seasons" totally adds to the appeal.

I have always been a sucker for attractive little kits of all kinds.  This one made me want to buy it just so that I could see the yarn outside of the (sealed and taped closed) box.  The kit came in five different color groupingsI liked this "Minerals" colorway much more than any of the others, and the vender at the VK Live market place had only one.  I was sure that if I walked away, it would not be there when I came back.  In spite of its price, I had to buy it.

The box has been opened.  The yarns are Silk Rhapsody Glitter Light and Beaded Silk and Sequins Light.

My other purchase at VK Live was at the Habu Textiles booth.  I have wanted to try knitting with some of their 69% silk, 31% stainless steel ever since I first learned that it existed.  I will use it with the (darker color) fine merino to make a "Kushu Kushu" or a "Hakusa".

While I look forward to working with these yarns in the future, I have started another, much larger, project.  I am now teaching a four session class in knitting a swirl sweater from the book Knit,Swirl! by Sandra McIver.  This is a repeat of a popular class that I taught last year.  If you have been reading my blog long enough, you might remember that I truly enjoyed working with a very enthusiastic group of swirl knitters, but I had some mixed feelings about the two finished swirls that I made.  Eventually I gave the one that I liked the least to my sister and she LOVES it!  I have decided this time around to make "Sheer Beauty".  I just bought the yarn at Gosh Yarn It! on Tuesday.  It is Shibui Staccato and Silk Cloud.

After I selected it, I noticed that the color is named "Mineral".

My BLOG GIVEAWAY (in honor of my two years in the design world) continues until February 5.  Please see this post and comment there if you would like a chance to win some yarn!


  1. I just got the book Knit Swirl! I love the look but it does seem like a whole bunch of knitting - but I also know that one of these is in my future.

  2. Oh Carolyn I love that kit you bought, I would have also.
    The colors are beautiful. Maybe next year the Swirl will be in my plans. My luck, you won't teach it again :)