Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good & Not So Good

I do not really do a lot of Christmas knitting.  For some of the more recent Christmases, I have had several gifts to give that were actually samples knit throughout the year for teaching or design work.  I am not sure why, but this year there was not so much of that.

Each of my children received a hand knitted gift...

I gave my amazing daughter the original Jonna Cowl (which I did get back from Quince & Co sometime late in the summer).  My daughter loves it, and I know that she appreciates it... there are photos of it all over the world.

I gave my equally amazing son two golf club covers that I mostly knit for him during the car rides to and from Washington DC to see "A Christmas Carol".

After making two of these, I saw that he moved his golf bag from the trunk of his car into the garage.  I also saw that he already had several 'high tech' club covers.

One thing that the high tech covers do not have is personalization... The zig-zag design is a reference to "a Charlie Brown sweater" he has told me he might like me to make for him someday. 

There also was some not so successful Christmas knitting this year... 

I previously shared my husband's sock issue in a November post titled Sad Sock.  I did hunt down the best sock yarns in the house to knit the tops with, but so far I have not been able to pick them back up again.  (I have a hard time knitting something that I know will be ugly.)  (I will eventually decide to start a whole new pair.)

For my very "knit worthy" sister, I made a quick Christmas cowl, but it was not "gift worthy".  I am going to be brave and show you just how bad it looked on me.  I took this photo with my iPad.

It was too soft to stand up nicely.  And it was too stiff to drape in any way even remotely attractive.  Maybe it was too wide.  Mostly it was just floppy.  Like I said, my sister is "knit worthy" and deserves better.  So now it looks like this.


  1. Well my saga with Christmas knitting occurred 10 years ago (and I haven't done it since because it was such a difficult experience.)

    That year I decided to make 8 christmas gifts. I made the decision in OCTOBER (and I am sure you can see the problem already - not enough time.) I was knitting like a mad woman during October and November. The beginning of December I had a gallbladder attack that landed me in the hospital and I had an emergency surgery to have it removed. I was working back then so I was on short term disability after the hospitalization - and it saved my butt because I was able to finish all my Christmas projects while off work. But I decided then I would never do this again, because I don't have that many optional organs I can have removed!! LOL

    Nope! Never doing that again. It was just insane.

    1. LOL Great story! I do agree that sacrificing an organ for Christmas knitting is beyond consideration. Anyone we might gift with our knitting would much rather have us whole and healthy!

  2. My saga is I am STILL working on my Christmas knitting. LOL, I don't feel like I am really late until Feb.

    1. February sounds about right to me!