Friday, July 29, 2011

Project Runway: A Not Guilty Pleasure


There I said it.  It is sort of a guilty pleasure to love a TV show, especially a reality TV show.  But I do not feel guilty.

My father's mother was an unbelievably outstanding seamstress.  When I was 9, I spent a weekend at her home, and I made a blouse, in what seems so strange to remember now, a brightly colored patchwork print taffeta.  When I was 12, I spent another weekend at her home, and I made a winter coat in brown corduroy with a quilted lining.  I actually wore both of these garments.

I made most of the clothes that I wore to JR High and High School.  In those years I dreamed of being a fashion designer.  Of course it never happened that I became a fashion designer, but I never stopped 'making things'.

Last night was the first episode of Season 9 of Project Runway.  I left my Sit and Knit at 8:00, stopped at the grocery store on the way home, put away groceries, and talked to my daughter on the phone.  Then I went down to the family room with my knitting bag and a glass of my favorite white wine...
As I turned on the TV, there was Tim Gunn (you gotta love that guy!) and he was saying "Welcome to Season 9 of Project Runway, one of the best seasons ever".  I said out loud, "Thanks Tim, its good to see you again."  Really!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely evening! Many of my family members did a lot of sewing, it is a great history to have.