Friday, July 22, 2011

My Top-Down Immersion

I am currently working on TWO top-down sweaters!

In the last week, I met with the manager and the owner of Gosh Yarn It! (an LYS where I teach) to discuss Fall class offerings.  We had previously talked about a "My First Sweater Class," and a pattern was selected.  Not surprisingly, it is a seamless top-down, (what everyone wants to make, right?)  It falls into the first category that I mentioned in a recent post, starting with a raglan top and then knit as three tubes.  It is called New Neckdown Pullover by Diane Soucy, and I am making the class sample with yummy Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran.

Here is what it looked like at the start (indoor lighting).  It begins with the higher back neck and sleeve tops, set off with red markers.  Then the center front neckline is cast on (at bottom of photo) and work begins in the round.
Raglan increases happen every other row (at markers) until underarm.

The second photo shows what it looks like now (outdoor lighting).  On reaching the underarm, sleeve stitches are placed on waste yarn, with some stitches cast on for the bottom of each armhole.  The top is up in the photo, but when I am knitting, the top is down.  I am on the first tube which is the body tube.

From my recent post..."It is the other category that I could learn from.  These often start with a provisional cast-on, and involve picking up stitches here and there.  I feel that if I just make one of these, maybe I can begin to think of sweaters that are knit in different directions.  In my next post I will talk about two top-down cardigan patterns that I recently downloaded"...

The first pattern that I download (but am not currently knitting) is Summer Solstice by Heidi Kirrmaier.  It begins with a provisional cast-on, which will sit vertically at the center of the back yoke.  The right side of back yoke is knit first; then stitches are cast on (to the left side of work) for the right front.  Continuing from all of these stitches the right sleeve is knit to the wrist.  The left side is knit as a mirror image, starting back at the provisional cast on.  Next, stitches are picked up across the bottom of the body, and knitted down with increases and decreases.  There is a nice bit of shaping.  Last to be knit is the front band/collar.  As you can imagine, this also begins with picked up stitches.  I will definitely be making one of these.  I am thinking of some navy dk merino in my stash.

The second top-down pattern, which I have started, is Cerisara by Bonnie Marie Burns.

I love, love, LOVE the lace stitch pattern in my 'Fir' So-Soft DK from Handwerks! The provisional cast-on with white yarn (at bottom in above photo) will be at the very top of the back (as in second photo).  The stitches shown on the needle (above) have been placed on a blue waste yarn (see below), now that the bottom of armhole has been reached.

The left back neckband starts with another provisional cast-on (at center back, curling under a bit in above photo).  It is very interestingly joined sideways to now live stitches at the left center part of the back rectangle.  The remaining stitches on far left are picked up as live stitches and the left front will be knit down to armhole.  The right front will begin similarly, with the right back neckband, and become the right front, also to be knit down to armhole.

This post is so long!  I will sum up quickly:  The left front, back and right front will be joined, with some cast-on stitches at each armhole.  Then the body, along with front neckbands, will be knit down.  Each sleeve will begin with picked-up stitches at armhole, and then be knit down to the wrists in the lace pattern.

I cannot imagine being any more immersed in top downs.  Time to come up for some air!


  1. I think I need to start on a sweater. I have been knitting, but mostly boring stuff. hmmm....

  2. Getting caught up reading blogs, hope you will be at GYI with your projects, you are making great progress!