Friday, July 8, 2011

Handwerks Yarn: May I have some more, please?

Some of the yarn in this photo was one of my wonderful prizes for winning the Knitcircus Health & Love scarf design contest.

The prize was a $50 gift certificate for HANDWERKS Artisan Yarns and Textiles which I could redeem at

If I were a normal knitter, I would have happily selected two skeins of any of the lovely sock yarns...or maybe a skein of lace yarn in combination with a skein of sock yarn.  So pretty!  But, I am not a normal knitter.  I have been knitting for a very long time, and I have always made a lot of sweaters.

It was the So-Soft DK yarn (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon; 110grams, 231 yards) that I wanted.  Of the colors shown on the website, I liked the 'Montery Cypress' DK best.  So, I emailed Laura at Handwerks to ask if she had six skeins of it.  She did not.  She does not sell a lot of the DK (of course), but the good news is that she always has some undyed yarn for special orders, and she could dye six skeins in one dyelot just for me.  Just for me!  Never before had anyone offered to hand-dye yarn just for me.  I had one more question.  I asked if I could have the DK dyed a color that one of her sock yarns was dyed, called 'Fir'.

My final special order was for six skeins of So-Soft DK in 'Fir'.  It arrived here on Saturday.  Here is a photo of it outdoors.  Thanks, Laura, I love it!

The gift certificate covered the cost of only two skeins.  I am definitely not normal.  Most of the yarn I buy is in sweater quantities.  (May I have some more, please?)  Do you think that more is better?  Or is this a case where more is just enough?


  1. I used to buy a lot of sock yarn, but now I have so much that I just don't even look at it. I also buy enough yarn for a sweater ... usually 2,000 yards because I don't want to be limited in my selection of patterns by the yardage I have on hand. So I almost always have more than I need. Enough for a hat or a scarf.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are just beautiful.

  2. Lovely yarn and lovely color - something else I hope to see in person. I think that more was just enough!