Friday, April 21, 2017

Open the Window

This was my desk a month ago as I worked on my next new knitting pattern.

"Mitten Work Zone" I captioned it on Instagram... my laptop, my desk... the second mitten in a photographable state of "how to start the afterthought thumb"... a chart, a pad, a pencil... etc.

There is also the window. More of that window on Instagram here.

All of my workspaces have windows or I would not work in them.

I love spring and daylight and windows. In this wonderful season of window opening, I am almost ready to release a mitten pattern that I have named MULTI-PANE MITTENS

Follow me here, or on Instagram, to learn of an introductory discount (beginning April 26) on the pattern. Then, during the month of May, join me and my good friends (in person or virtually) at Gosh Yarn It! for a MULTI-PANE MITTEN KAL.

Open your windows and take a very deep and fresh breath of spring. Then join us in knitting a fun small project during our transition to longer, warmer days. (I am planning some tutorials on that thumb.) (There will likely be KAL prizes.)

May is my favorite month of the year! Did you open that window yet?


  1. Beautiful mittens. I am not much of a multi color knitter - never very good at it, but I love the look of the patterns AND my favorite of this method of knitting is when only 2 colors are used! Well done. You have quite a talent for this designing.

  2. May is also my favorite month of the year - MARYLAND SHEEP AND WOOL!! You going??

  3. Thanks, Elaine! Definitely not going this year. Close family from out of town will be visiting. I hope you (and Linda) will be able to make it. Enjoy May!