Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Randomly I Write (About Saturday)

  1. Mr K and I went to a beautiful and extremely enjoyable wedding on Saturday evening.
  2. The bride and groom, our friends, are just a bit younger than us but older than most wedding couples.
  3. We had to get up very early on Saturday to make it to the wedding.
  4. The wedding was not far from our home, but we were vacationing last week in North Wildwood, New Jersey.
  5. Most east coast weekly rentals are from Saturday to Saturday.
  6. If you leave an Atlantic shore point at any time from mid to late morning on a Saturday, you can expect a very -s-l-o-w- ride.
  7. We left much earlier.  
  8. Part way home (actually at a mid to late morning time) we stopped to "check in" on our children.
  9. One of our children was moving into a new place on Saturday.  (We could not help, because "We had a wedding to go to".  But all was well... help was on the way.  BTW:  The new place is pretty cool.)  We had a late morning outdoor brunch with our other child (who lives not very far away in another pretty cool place.)
  10. How did these (once very tiny and totally dependent baby) children get to be such accomplished and fun to visit young adults?  
  11. We rested at home for a bit before I began to put my outfit together.
  12. My latest FO is "The Color of Flowers".
  13. I finished (seaming) it the day before we left NJ (Friday).
  14. I wore it to the wedding.

Project Name: The Color of Flowers
Pattern: Vine Street Tee by Amy Herzog
Yarn: The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering
Color Name: "Guava" 


  1. What a splendid color!

    I just returned from visiting my son in Vermont. I asked myself the same question - when did this happen? I know it's supposed to, but it's still kind of shocking!