Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lessons from My Old Scarf Box: #2 Novelty Yarns and Manufactured Knits?

"I have a lot of old scarves that were stored in a plastic box on a shelf in my closet.  These are really very old scarves that I have not worn for years and years."

In my first "Old Scarf Box" post, I told you about "the set" (now in a bag and ready to be donated).

More memories... I will try to be brief...

On the left side of the photo above is a smallish basket weave patterned (looks good on both sides) scarf in a silky and tweedy brown yarn (mostly acrylic).  I knit a bulky, cropped sweater that I wore hundreds of times with one strand of that brown yarn and one strand (or was it two strands?) of natural wool worsted weight yarn.  I remember wearing the sweater and scarf with a very long dark brown, and twirly, tweed coat.  Back then, I made a lot of the clothes that I wore everyday.

My bulky 2 or 3 strand knit sweater is only a memory.  Why have I kept this little brown scarf for so long? 

The blue scarf is garter stitch, knit with a slubby and tweedy novelty yarn that was bought for almost nothing at a nearby fabric and yarn store going out of business (many years ago).  Not sure if I ever wore it.  I do not remember wearing it.

I do remember wearing the manufactured knits in this photo.  They were gifts.  Once again I can actually see some wear in the gloves.  But I have not worn them for years, and with all of my more recent handknits in abundance, I am certain that I will never wear them again.

There are no good reasons to keep any of the items shown here.  They have been added to my Salvation Army bag.

My lesson for today is that now that there is some space in my old scarf box, I can better store some of my newer scarves.


  1. You know, Carolyn. I think you have inspired me to write about "my old" friend on my blog. My first sweater. I don't think I have done that. That might be fun.
    And a picture would definitely be fun.

    I have been knitting since the mid 90's and you would think I had a bunch of knitted garments packed away - I have a lot but not enough for almost 20 years. And I don't think I have ever given any of it to charity. I think I knitted for others more than I thought. I do have some items that I never wear - and I am not sure why that is. I am heading into another clean up, clean out mode and making space like this just might be a good idea.

    I am enjoying this series of posts.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Elaine! You do get the point of my posts: Where did all the knitting go? Why are these still here? (and tomorrow's post) Some that I will save.

      I do look forward to hearing more about your "old friend" first sweater. Please include a photo!