Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finishing Required

Pattern: 'Sheer Beauty' by Sandra McIver
Yarns: Shibui 'Staccato'
and Shibui 'Silk Cloud'
I expect that this swirl will eventually be fine, for now it is shriveled and sheer and it is taupe.  It reminds me of pantyhose.  I have quite a lot of ends to hide before I can block and then seam.

Pattern: 'Trace' by Kristin Spurkland
Yarns: Tahki Yarns 'Ripple'
This shell still needs the neckband knit.  I tried it on and I like it.  It fits well and I know that I will wear it.  The texture of the yarn is amazing.

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  1. Great projects - can't wait to see them in person!