Sunday, February 24, 2013

What About Betty?

Betty must wait.

In my archives, there is a postBetty and Helene.  Betty and Helene are two little spring/summer type tops that I had just started as I wrote about them on May 7, 2012.

Helene, a lacy, linen top, became a finished object in October.  I love it very much and look forward to the spring when I can actually wear it.

Betty is a fingering weight wool top, and over time, I have come very far with her.

I worked on Betty when it was late, when I was tired, when my design work was not going well.  Betty has been many hours of stockinette knitting in the round on Size 2 needles.  (Which did follow a rather tedious 2.5 inches of 1X1 ribbing on Size 1 needles.)

My last modification was to increase at the sleeve edges on every 4th row (9 times) for a more gentle cap-like sleeve.  I like it better than the straight up sleeve opening used in the pattern.

Betty is in such a good place right now.  The very next step is to pick up stitches all around the top and work the Fair Isle yoke.  My favorite kind of knitting!

But Betty must wait.  I have a couple more months of what I call "knitting for teaching"...  I have two large projects to knit as I teach classes on making them...  Am I the only one who does this when I teach?  I make a shop sample... and then make one for myself while I teach... so that my students can see all the steps.  It takes time.

In addition, I now have two design project to finish as soon as possible.

Yes, Betty must wait, but this is what I have to look forward to...

like a bowl of candy.  It reminds me of what a student in one of my colorwork classes said,  "I am loving this knitting with color so much!  It's like eating candy!"


  1. I always love seeing your projects. That bowl of yarn candy looks like spring!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I was also thinking that the photo reminded me of a bowl of Easter eggs. Spring cannot come fast enough for me!

  2. Wow, and, I thought I was adventurous because I was doing a full size sweater on size 4 needles.

    I love stockinette stitch. It is perfect in all kinds of situations! No thought required. I love cabling too, for the same reasons - not much thought required!! :-) (Some folks don't know that ...)

    I am very impressed by designers. I think their brains work at some higher level of function than mine. I love to follow directions ... someone else's directions!! :-) Thankfully there are people like you around to provide those directions.