Friday, February 15, 2013

My Current Palette

A swatch for my 'Mineral' Beauty.

I am making this as I teach a series of classes on knitting and finishing garments from the Knit, Swirl! book by Sandra McIver.  The yarns are Stacatto and Silk Cloud by Shibui in the color 'Mineral'.

Still to be scheduled at Gosh Yarn It!, will be classes on making a Taiga Cowichan vest, by Svetlana Volkova, with my own modifications including steeking the colorwork.

My photo of the class/shop sample is not the greatest, color-wise, but it gives an idea... I wished to stay with the green and purple of the original...

For my own Taiga, which I will be making while I teach, I decided to use Berroco Blackstone Tweed ChunkyI quickly fell in love with this color combination...

'Cranberry Bog' and 'Steamers'.  (Interesting that Steamers is close to my Mineral colored Shibui.)  Unfortunately, the Steamers color has been discontinued.  The Cranberry Bog had already been ordered by Gosh Yarn It!, so I had to pick a new color to go with it.  None of the other neutral tones worked as well with the Cranberry, so I thought maybe a blue, but which blue?

First I decided it would be 'Narragansett'...

But then at the last minute, I picked 'Salt Water'...

It was a hard choice.  After it arrived I was having some second thoughts.  Then one night last week, I had a skein of each color on my little table, awaiting swatching, when I noticed that they closely resembled the colors of the latest issue of Vogue Knitting.

 It was like a vote of confidence.

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  1. What lovely projects you have in the works. I especially love the Mineral sample - of course I am having a love affair with Silk Cloud by Shibui!