Monday, December 3, 2012

FO: Hélène

Hélène is French for Helene.

Do you like my November 26 photo of my October FO?

I was playing with the light.
It is "sideways" sunlight.
  It comes into my lower level family room
for an hour or so
just before sunset.
Even in the winter.
But only on a sunny day.

The second photo was shot outdoors in October.

Pattern: Hélène by Véronik Avery
Yarn: Quince & Co Sparrow, 100% Linen
Ravelry Project Page: Helene

Do you remember this bit of lace with the fading, end of the season, flowers?

So pretty.

(I would guess that Véronik Avery speaks French.  She lives in Quebec.
I once met Véronik.)

This was an interesting and unique pattern.  It was knit sideways in two identical pieces.  They were to be joined on each side with three-needle-bind-off from neck to bottom of sleeve... I tried that (stitch counts were not identical)... and I decided that a regular woven seam would be easier and faster... at least for me...

I enjoyed the yarn.  Though I have not often knit with linen, Sparrow is probably my favorite linen yarn to date.

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  1. I think the side light makes a more interesting shot - especially because it is not modeled on a person (my favorite knit of picture). Also it is a little closer up. While it is hard to see the fabric design in the highlighted section it shows up well in the sleeve. That might be the dark behind the light yarn too. It is a pretty pattern!