Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sad Sock

I always have 3-4 active knitting projects at any time.  I need to have challenging projects, as well as mindless projects, and even some that are in-between.  I work on each depending on my mood and circumstance.

Certainly, when I am working on a challenging design for several hours in a day, there comes a point where I need some mindless comfort knitting.  Sock knitting fits in a small bag and can be picked up anytime and go anywhere.  Sock knitting should not make me sad.  But this sock did...

The pattern I am using is my own Fingering Weight TATU sock pattern.  The yarn is LANG Jawoll Color Aktion.  Each skein of Jawoll sock yarn comes with a little spool of matching heel and toe reinforcement yarn.  This sock yarn was a favorite of my mother who was a great sock knitter.

Mr K likes tall socks.  This first sock is only about 3" above the heel and I have now used almost half of the skein of yarn.  I do not have enough yarn to make the socks as I planned.  I have tryed to find more of this yarn (color 132.0366) online with zero success.  It is a limited edition colorway.

I could use a different yarn (There must be some sort of gray sock yarn in my house somewhere.) at the top of each sock, but how would that look?  Of course, I must abandon any thoughts of making the stripes on the pair of socks match each other.  (I actually do try to do this with self-striping yarns.)  I truly cannot make the socks that I thought I was making.  That makes me sad.  That makes me want to start over.  These are Mr K's annual Christmas-unless-they-are-done-in-time-for-your-November-birthday-socks.  They will not be done in November.  In fact, they may never be done at all...


  1. The knitting gods just have not been with you lately! Too much sad knitting for you!

  2. Sorry to hear about the sad sock. Would they fit someone else that likes shorter socks?

  3. Oh my, another knitting stumbling block. Bummer. I sure do like the colors!