Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jonna's Little Sister

I cannot explain why it took so long.

I am finally ready to introduce you to Jonna's little sister.

Jonna is a cowl design that I proposed to Quince & Co (just about a year ago) during their first ever "Scarf Call".  Quince & Co liked Jonna well enough to include her in their scarves etc. collection.  Here is a lovely photo of Jonna that was taken by Carrie Bostick Hoge of Quince & Co.

© Quince & Co

Jonna was conceived a bit before her little sister.  But it so happens that I sent both proposals to Quince & Co last November.  Jonna's little sister is a finer knit, made with fingering weight yarn and on smaller needles.  She is a little smaller, and, if anything, a bit more feminine.  Even though she did not get a chance to appear at Quince & Co, she is now ready to go out into the world.  It is finally little sister's turn to shine...

I will be releasing this new pattern very soon.  A first peek...

© Carolyn Kern

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  1. Just love it! Who doesn't have some fingering/sock weight around that is just too pretty for socks? Can't wait!