Friday, August 24, 2012

Anchors Away!

I can now share a finished photo of my intarsia project.  I named this project "Anchors Away" on Ravelry.

 Pattern:  Anchor Floor Cushion by Debbie Bliss Design Team
Yarn:  Universal Yarns Cotton Supreme, 100% cotton, 100g, 180 yd
          3 skeins white, 1/4 skein navy 

It was not the best lighting for a photo on Sunday, but I gifted the floor cushion over the weekend, and I had to get a picture before it was gone away to its new home.  (It literally is "Anchors Away"!)

I was quite satisfied with the intarsia.  I can accept that intarsia in knitting can rarely be executed perfectly.  This is as close to perfect as I could get, and that will have to be OK.  I made up for my imperfect knitting with a nearly perfect sewing job.  There is a zipper horizontally centered in the blue and white stripped ticking on back.  The knitting was hand-stitched to the fabric on all four sides with a single thread and a stitch in each knitted stitch.  The 27" square pillow form slipped through the zipper easily and I think that it wears the knitting very well!  All done!

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  1. Lovely. I have never done well with changing colors so I always stick to a single color way wherever I can.