Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Follow Your Heart"

He said it again, just before I went to bed, "Follow your heart."

It was my son, home for the weekend.  I had been a bit down.  I have a hard time sometimes with all that I have to do and all that I want to do... it just gets hard sometimes to decide what should I be doing right now.

There have been too many life changes for me of late.  Sorry, but, I do not really like it that most of my aunts and uncles have passed, and several cousins as well.  My parents have both been gone for more than a couple years.  I do not like this feeling that now I am responsible for leading the family as those who came before me would have wished.  Sometimes it makes me feel lonely and insecure.

I do have so very much to be happy about.  My children are both well and my daughter just graduated from college and landed a great first job.  The thing is that when she moves this time it is for real.  This will no longer be her "permanent" address as it was while she was in school.  This is also on my mind.

I have been astonished over the last week at how much my son's words have helped me.  Each time I bring them to mind, they do help me decide what I should be doing right now.  And I do get more done.

My son does not know it, but he has given me the best possible Mother's Day present.  I truly am blessed with both of my children.

Happy Mother's Day!
In times of doubt, remember to "Follow your heart."  It won't let you down.


  1. What a wise comment from your son. You obviously did a great job raising your kids !