Friday, December 16, 2011

Vacation Knitting

This was my vacation knitting for Grand Cayman Island.

I did actually knit a wee bit on the beach.  I always, even on vacation, begin each day with some knitting and coffee.  And I do like to end the day with some knitting and maybe some wine.  With a total of six flights and four layovers, I had a lot of hours to knit.

The TSA officially allows knitting needles (however, any individual TSA officer may take them away if they feel that they are a threat).  I have taken knitting like this on planes many, many times and have not once been questioned.  Two things that I do, though, are to put my scissors and backup needles (in the same sizes) (just in case) in my checked-in bag, as well as any extra yarn I might need.

I was kind of proud of myself that I fit a whole lot of knitting, on two different projects, in a very small bag.

The yarn for both projects is Schulana Kid Seta (70% mohair and 30% silk).    (Purchased at The String Thing Shop.)  It is lace weight and light as air.

The first project was the two 'neckline frills' (307 stitches x 3.5", and 245 stitches x 2.75") for my Agatha pullover named Timeless.  This is the smaller of the two.  (Since I have been home, I have already attached the larger frill to the sweater.)

The second project was my Thundercloud Cowl, which is now roughly halfway finished.  (This project will take a very long time.)

It is pretty, though.  But not easy to get that in a photograph.

I had one challenging project...the 40 row lace pattern with beads.  And one mindless project...the almost endless rows of stockinette.  I think I did a great job packing for my trip!  And the clothes I packed were just fine, too.


  1. I traveled to Florida this year. I took my knitting on the plane. Didn't have any trouble but didn't take anything I cared about greatly either. :-)

    This might be a duplicate comment. I messed up the first one and it disappeared when I hit some stupid button .... Techo, I am not. :-)

  2. You did do a great job packing! I alway do much better if I have time to think. If I pack in a rush I end up with twice as much as I need!