Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Knitting?

I do not really do "Christmas Knitting".  I always have entirely too much to do this time of year to add that to my list.  I like to enjoy my knitting time.  I do not like having knitting deadlines.  I save them for design projects that have due dates, and knitting for teaching, when necessary.

I must paraphrase here (I could not find the exact quote) from Jared Flood's Brooklyn Tweed blog post of a couple, or more, Christmases ago.  In that remembered post, he said that he does not really do Christmas knitting -- he just looks around at what he already has made, and decides who to give it to.

Not everyone on my gift list needs or expects a hand knitted gift (every year).  And several would not appreciate one anyway (on any year).

I do plan to give my aunt the original pair of my original TATU socks.  I do not think that she reads my blog, so here is a photo.

You probably saw these socks before.  A photo of one is on the cover of my original TATU Sock pattern.  My aunt knit her very first pair of socks this year for her son-in-law.  She will like and appreciate these.

The scarf, made from my Both Sides Now pattern, will go to my niece.  The moebius cowls, both knit as samples for a not yet released pattern, will go to a sister and a sister-in-law.  Not one of these ladies have previously received a hand knit gift (from me).  I do hope that they like them.

The hats have me wondering...Who?  I like to knit hats.  I find them to be fast and fun to knit.  But I am not a hat wearing person.  I only wear them when I go snow-skiing or snow-shoveling or for walking the dog when it is really cold out.  I have four hats that I could give.  Here are two. And I am still pondering...Who?

Happy Christmas Knitting!  Happy Christmas Gifting!


  1. Being a slow knitter - I need to plan and I do some Christmas knitting. This year I started in November and I only have one knit to do. I got the fiber spun up and washed last night, the knit should be fun - a cover for a studio microphone. Looking forward to getting back to knitting for me - will be casting on your TATU patten soon, just a little spinning left!

  2. I never do Christmas knitting - not since probably 2003 - when I decided to do 8 projects for Christmas and I made that decision in October. Now the projects weren't sweaters, but still, 8 is alot. Then in early December my gallbladder got hot and had to be removed - thankfully I have 3 weeks of December off from work so that I could finish up my projects, BUT the thought then occurred to me that I did not have all that many organs I could have removed in December so I could get my knitting done :-)

    So Christmas knitting ended that year. I still knit for others but I just give them whatever I have made when it is done - and not for any occasion. That process has worked great for me.

    Your projects are beautiful!!!

  3. I have enjoyed your comments! I realize that I have another reason not to do Christmas knitting. My biggest hand-knit fans are my husband and my daughter. Their birthdays are in late November and mid December. I knit them both something for their birthdays for the last several years (sweaters every other year). I think birthdays are a very special time to knit for people who love your knitting.
    Happy Holidays!