Sunday, November 20, 2011

Design Work: "Bananas" and a "Scarf Call"

My next pattern to be released (I had hoped it would be out by now) will be my #77 Dream Hat.

This design won top prize in the Wool Clasica Design Contest held by Manos del Uruguay in September.  The pattern is being tech edited and formatted by Fairmount Fibers which distributes the yarn.  I first followed up in mid-October when I received my prize of Ten Skeins of Wool Clasica.  I sent a thank you email to Lisa, and inquired about the pattern release date.  Lisa told me that it would only be a few more days.

But, by mid-November, I was still waiting.  I sent off another email.  This time a new person, Jocelyn (a tech editor?) replied and she said, "We're bananas here, so I apologize that this hasn't happened sooner."  She requested that I send the photos as separate files, which I did the next day.  I guess I can wait a little longer...she seems like a neat person, with her "bananas" comment.  In most kinds of work, it is better to be bananas, than, shall we say, molasses...better to be too busy than too slow.

I am working on a very special super secret design project which I cannot show you until sometime next year.  It is super exciting!

And meanwhile, I also have allowed some time this weekend to work on a submission to a "Scarf Call" by Quince & Co.  My work on this also must be kept to myself for now.

With my current design work and the Thanksgiving holiday (I will be cooking a turkey dinner) my blogging may be slowing down just a little bit for just a little while.

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