Friday, June 17, 2011

And Then Came the Knitcircus Blog Announcement!

After I sent my reply to Jaala, the editor of Knitcircus magazine, Monday afternoon, May 16, I anxiously checked my email every hour or so looking for her reply to my reply.

By lunchtime the next day, it still had not arrived.  Both my daughter and husband were home (extremely rare for an ordinary Tuesday).  I had a thought to check the Knitcircus website that Jaala writes, and I found this:  Health and Love Scarf Contest Winner

I was quite surprised, and my husband teased me about how the reason that she had not got around to replying to my email was that she was busy promoting me.  As you can see my sketch was there and my name and everything!  What this also meant was that it would be OK for me to share my sketch and that web page with everyone I know!  So here it is now in my own recently created blog.

Of course Jaala's reply arrived in my inbox a short time later and all of my questions were answered.  The yarn would be sent out to me that day.  I got busy writing the pattern using the Knitcircus Style Guide and the Knitcircus Pattern Template.  These were extremely helpful.

I did share the web page with almost everyone I know.  And I did bring the sketch, and even the yarn, to show and tell at my regular sit and knit.

As I write this post the finished scarf is in a box and on its way to Madison WI.  No one has seen it except for me and my immediate family.  I can't wait to see the magazine photos! 


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing this scarf. The drawing was wonderful!